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How to recognise Dark side of the Moon 1st Issue

Buying and selling vinyl records for over twenty years I have come across many different records and have sold numerous copies of the same titles. But by far the most popular title consistently over two decades is “Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon”.

Dsotm is a perfect example of supply and demand there are thousands of copies in existence but an equal amount of people who want the record in there collection. Most copies are the regular 70s or 80s copies but some are the original first issue.

There are a few factors which separate a first issue from all the others the first and most recognisable is the record label. On original issues the label has a solid blue prism not black like the later copies. Apparently the label was changed due to the text been difficult to read on the early records.

The next most important factor is the record cover, an original sleeve has a slightly different tint to the later copies. Later examples have a very dark black sheen and open from both ends. The early copies although near black have a slight blue tint which can be seen under a strong light and are sealed on the left side of the gatefold sleeve. This is very important as some copies have the sleeve switched if the original sleeve is in poor condition.

The album also comes with two stickers and two posters, the original stickers are printed by “Fastprint” and have the word”Crackback” printed on the back. Also the stickers have 45 degree angle lines printed on the back. Again be cautious of records which have the wrong stickers added at a later date.

The majority of issues come with two posters but the originals have distinct characteristics, the “Pyramid poster” can be matte or glossy but has no serial number printed on the bottom left corner. The group poster again can be matte or glossy but have the number “SHVL 804” at the bottom right corner.

Lastly the inner sleeve is a black, with a poly lined inner and has a patent number and the text “made in Great Britain” at the bottom right corner.

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