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How Do I Know If My Vinyl Records Are Worth Anything ?

How Do I Know If My Vinyl Record Is Worth Anything ?

From the end of the 1950s to the early 80s vinyl records were the most common medium for music sales, within this period millions of records were bought. Some number one records sold many thousands of copies. So even though your records are old it doesn't necessarily mean they have a great value. The main factor which dictates the price of a record is supply and demand. If a record sold in small numbers and a lot of people desire it, that will potentially increase its value. Sometimes a record is sought after by such a large number of collectors that even if it sold relatively well it still can command a high price, Pink Floyd 1st issue Dark Side Of The Moon is a good example. So your first question when assessing your record collection is are the artists or genres still relevant to the record buying public.

Is My Beatles Record Worth Anything ?

The answer in most cases is probably not a great deal, the majority of their records, particularly singles sold in vast numbers. what is more rare, is to find one in almost perfect condition. Beatles were usually well enjoyed. For example I attended a Record Fair recently where a very battery copy of Please Please me on the Gold Label was struggling to sell at £50.00, this record in good condition would fetch well over £1000. . With the Beatles you are looking for rare items which unlike most of their catalogue sold in vast numbers or items which have survived in near perfect condition.

Is My Black Sabbath Record Worth Anything ?

Black Sabbath first Four albums were released on the Spiral Vertigo Label," Black Sabbath", "Paranoid", " Volume 4" and "Masters Of Reality" all came originally with a black and white Spiral label and later were changed to A Space Ship. Afterwards Sabbath moved to the Nems Label with albums such as "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" and "Sabotage" first released on this label.

Is My Vinyl Record an Original ?

There is no set rule to define if a record is a 1st issue, each release and item may have its own particular characteristics to define if it is an original. For example just because your record has the same catalogue number as a record stated to be a first release doesn't make it an original, with the Beatles for example the catalogue numbers were continued with each subsequent release.

It is worth remembering that most popular records have been released on numerous occasions so very likely to be a reissue. The key is to do a little research, if you have a reasonably large collection it maybe worth investing in a Record Collector Guide which is updated every two years but remember it is only a guide so don't take it as gospel.

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