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Buying and Selling at Record Fairs

The origins of Record Fairs in the UK date back to the early 70s, then there was very few outlets for music, no high street stores or specialist retailers, through out the decade these events were the primary source for collectors .

Fairs continued into the 80s and 90s although by then less mainstream, a hardcore of vinyl lovers ignored the present trends for CDs and other media maintaining their belief that vinyl still had an important place in music culture.

Has we entered the new millennium a new generation of vinyl enthusiasts began to emerge events now populated with customers of all ages and taste.

There are two options when considering to sell your collection at an event, firstly whether to stand at the event your self or sell to a dealer at the event.. The first option might bring you more money if done carefully although if you are planning only to do one event, this might mean you are left with your less desirable items which may prove more difficult to sell on their own.

Your second option is to to sell to a dealer at the event, this obviously might mean less money for your collection, as the dealer would have to make a profit, but this cuts out standing at one or a number of events in order to sell all your items.

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