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Selling Your Jazz Record Collection (Blue Note)


Like most genres, jazz on vinyl has some records more valuable than others with labels such as Blue Note, Prestige and Tempo often commanding big prices. Although there is quality music produced in all eras of jazz it tends to be the fifties and early sixties which produce the greatest interest in collecting circles. Unquestionably the most collectable label is Blue Note with original US copies selling for sometimes above four figures; artists such as Hank Mobley and Sonny Clarke fetch anything up to £4.000.


How to tell if you have an original Blue Note will depend on the year of issue with factors such as label addresses, deep groove or what is stamped on the run off all giving vital information. Label address is the company adress which runs around the edge of the label for example “47 WEST 63rd St”, from this you can determine what period the record was manufactured.


 Alongside US manufacturing the Blue Note label was released in other countries including Europe and Japan, both Japanese and UK originals of early Blue Note originals were manufactured on alternative labels, Japan on King and the UK on Esquire.  Original US Blue Note copies are still the most sought after, although it is worth pointing out records particularly on the Esquire label are gaining in value.


In this last paragraph I have noted a few general points to help determine whether your jazz record collection might have some monetary value, firstly you need to establish if the records are original issues, originals can sell for many times the value of later reissues. Secondly the most collectable style of jazz tends to be small combos from the 1950s and early 60s; early jazz although equal in quality of music does not tend to generate the same enthusiasm in the vinyl collectors world. Lastly as with all vinyl collecting condition is paramount, a rough condition record will generally fetch only a small percentage of a near perfect copy.



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Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Record Collection

Top 5 tips for selling your record collection



1.       Selling through a dealer or on your own.  Selling your collection as individual items rather than to a dealer can very often be the most lucrative. Your records will obviously fetch more as single items rather than been sold as a job lot.  On the down side this will mean spending lots of time listing records and dealing with the inevitable issues selling vinyl particularly on line. Also it is worth considering as your better items disappear it will become harder to sell the more common titles. A reputable dealer will offer you a fair price but please remember they will have their own costs to incur and time spent listing and selling.

2.       Valuing Records. Most people trying to value there records will be left confused by the massive variation in prices they come across when searching the internet for record valuation, some records a range between as much as £5.00 and £1.000 depending on the particular issue. It is important to make sure the record you have exactly corresponds with the item you are viewing on the internet, this includes serial numbers, same issues and variation’s on the labels and sleeve.

3.       Condition. Condition is vital to the overall value of a record; a record can be collectable but if in poor condition will only be worth a small percentage of its mint value.  It is equally important for the record and sleeve to be in clean condition.

4.       Finding a dealer.  When searching for a dealer look for somebody in your local area or somebody who specializes in your particular genre.  Never allow a dealer to Cherry Pick, if you want to sell the whole collection make sure they agree to buy all the records.

5.       Are you sure you want to sell. Finally make sure you really want to sell your collection as when the items are gone you find it very hard to obtain the records you had originally. Take time in making your decision and don’t be pressured in to selling.

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