Collectable Flexi Discs

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Collectable Flexi Discs

Rare and collectable Flexi disc.

Most flexi discs, usually given free with magazines in the 70s and 80s, have little or no value.  They were taped  to the front of  publications as varied as New Musical Express or Jackie Magazine. Because they were very flimsy most flexis are not known for there great sound quality and many tend to get a little damaged along the way.

 Although the majority have little value there are some that have become very collectable, probably the flexi which has achieved the greatest price tag is a farely recent release by Jack White's (Red Stripes) "Third Man" Record label. On April 1st 2012 Jack White released 1000 Blue Helium balloons from the rooftop of his Nashville record pressing plant. attached to the balloon was a certificate and a limited edition copy of his "Freedom At 21" release. An unkown number of the records were found making this a very rare and collectable item with copies going for around the £1000 mark.

A more common but very collectable series of flexi is the Beatles Christmas flexi which was released every year from 1963 to 1969. These flexis usually sell for around £100. The discs usually have a combination of comedy skits, christmas carols and general thank yous from the band for the support they have had from their fans over the year. I have listed the Beatles UK Christmas flexi discography below.

Beatles Flexis


Other rare flexi's include the first Orange Juice  debut release with postcard this sells regularly for several hundred pounds. and for around £30 a compilation EP released by Keel Rag Records which includes the track "A Little Piece Of Leather" by Hipster Image who were later to become the Climax Blues Band. This record might have lost some of its  reputation as it is introduced by a certain cigar toking 60s DJ.

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